Dark Seals is a unique collection of close up, expressive seal vocalisations. It includes everything from aggressive growls, funny gargles, snapping snarls, howling wails and disgusting snorts and slobbers.

Recorded on location in Namibia and the United Kingdom, the library consists of many incredibly up-n-close recordings of individual seals, both adults and pups. The close proximity and large variety in vocal ranges between adults and pups makes this material highly malleable and perfect source for creature sound design.

Files are organised per individual seal and often carry on for minutes with continuous vocalisations, resulting in many variations of a similar type of call. This makes the content highly suitable for game audio design

Besides individual seals, there are also various recordings of a huge colony of Cape Fur Seals. These will come in useful when designing sounds of creature hordes.



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Content / Equipment


40 files • hundreds of sounds  • 2.5GB • 1hr 12min

192/24 (28 files, all individual seals) — 96/24 (12 files, seal colony recordings)

Grey Seals

28 files / 50 minutes

Grey Seal pups, adult males and females

Cape Fur Seal colony

12 files / 21 minutes

Adults and pups

Equipment / post production

Sennheiser MKH 8040, MKH 70, MKH 8040-ST (ORTF) / Zoom F8, Sound Devices USBPre2, Tascam DR680

Edited the raw recordings so that vocalisations are closer to each other, otherwise next to no editing was required.



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